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Picture of the month

2017 12   Micah Melbie: PUblic Library

This years Christmas display is the Public Library from the American Bungalow 200 series. As built, it is with stones from GKNF 8, American Bungalow set 206, and some loose 500 series chimney/foundation stones, since I don't own a set AB 208 from which this design is from.
It's become a family Christmas tradition, now that it is my 2nd year doing this, and I typically build late at night. Since it is to be left on display for the duration of the season, it needs to be built up high and away from our pets. The challenges of building on-top of my record shelving were many. I had to remove quite a few vinyl records to try and reduce the overall weight for fear that it all would come crashing down!! I was very surprised by how big this library ended up being. Also going up and down a step ladder while trying not to make too much noise or dropping any stones on the way up the ladder. A very limited staging area. Many obstacles to overcome.
In the end a very memorable build. I hope I remember them all for years to come.