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Picture of the month

2020 5   Qualität

This month I present you the quality differences between stones in different sets.
The new factory stones (produced after 1995) have a past of barely a few years, and represent a different quality level
(however my personal view is that I don't like their colour)

The Club of Ankerfriends distinguishes four quality groups:
Class I = first quality, virtually no (or hardly any) signs of use, like new;
Class II = good condition, possibly some signs of use;
Class III = mediocre condition, clear signs of use, glued stones which are otherwise in good condition;
Class IV = poor condition, damaged stones, glued stones of mediocre quality

The antique trader frequently commits the error of selling bad condition stones in dusty, used, damaged boxes for high prices.
The Anker collector on the other hand knows, that a stone with chopped off corners is no good building material for a stable model.
I present a factory new condition set from 1902, and a heavily used box of the same type.
The difference between them is clearly visible.