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Picture of the month

2019 9   Accessories 1

This month I start a mini series. I will present the accessories used by Richter to supplement the stones in a box.
The first attempt to enrich the box content was the introduction of simple metal parts. Metal was a material close to Richter's heart.

Two types of parts were produced: a bridge and a bridge roadbed. Numbers 1 and 2 were for small caliber, 3 and 4 for large caliber sets.
The metal parts were placed in the smaller sets of the New series (NF). The previously designed NF 1A (KK) and 2A (GK) were modified. This fact and the existence of metal parts in the sets wasn't stated in any advertisement. The basic sets achieved in this way were 1 + 1A (metal) = 3½ (KK) instead of 1 + 1A = 3 (KK), and 2 + 2A (metal) = 4½ instead of 2 + 2A = 4 (GK).
A curio in this regard is that the supplement box 2A contained the KK size elements nr. 1 and 2, and the larger size elements nr. 3 and 4 were only included in the set 4½.

The only way to include the one piece bridge element is to put it on top of the stones. It looks nice in a building plan booklet, but in reality it isn't that nice.