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Picture of the month

2020 8   Pleasures of NF21

I was able to procure myself a set KK NF 19A earlier. So far it just rested in its place. A little while ago I decided to use it.
I already built with stones, I now thought to try the metal roofs.

I employed the ankerstein.center tablet mode functionality as usual, and I peeked from time to time to the layers having numbers on the shapes. Building this way took about 3.5-4 hours. The result can be seen on the images below.

The problems that occurred during building are the same as with the DS building plans. Two dimensional walls stand tall on the roof's two sides, one needs to squeeze the metal roofs between them. I twice made the side walls come down crumbling while pressing in the metal plates (poor stones...!).

The end result wasn't that beautiful as expected, and the roof being of a different slope than 45 degrees neither was a great novelty.
The expected excitement was bigger than the one caused by the building process and the model's outlook.
It was a three-time building occasion: first, last, and never more.